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Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair – Why Is Water Filling The Chamber When The Unit Is Turned Off?

Here is an email we received this morning from a client who is having a problem with his Midmark M11 Autoclave. "I installed a refurbished PC board from in my Midmark M11 Continue Reading

Midmark M11 Autoclave Door Won’t Open For The Drying Cycle

Scot has a Midmark M11 Autoclave with a peculiar problem. He was puzzled and turned to us for help. Here is what was happening. Scot’s Problem: Door Don’t Open As Normal For The Drying Continue Reading

Testing The Midmark M11 Water Level Sensor

How To Test The Midmark M11 Autoclave Water Level Sensor Testing the Water Level Sensor on your Midmark M11 Autoclave is simply a matter of testing the sensor for continuity. The trick is to Continue Reading

Has Your Midmark M11 Control PC Board Been Pronounced Dead?

Has Your Midmark M11 Control PC Board Been Pronounced Dead?

If you have been told your Midmark M11 PC Control Board is Dead, then you were also surely told that the boards are no longer supported, and that replacement boards are no longer available as Continue Reading

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