Autoclave Repair Tips

Autoclave Repair Made Simple

Autoclave Repair Tips: Temperature & Pressure Gauges

If your autoclave repair is dealing with a problem of either a Temperature or Pressure Gauge not registering, here is what you need to know Case In Point: I got a call yesterday from Mark who Continue Reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Autoclave Repair

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice thinking about repairing your autoclave yourself, here are 10 things you may not know about autoclave repair. Keeping these 10 things in mind will give you Continue Reading

Statim 2000 Autoclave Probe Bracket – Now You Can Replace It Yourself

For years, a problem with the Probe Bracket on the Statim 2000 Autoclave meant you had to send it off for repair. No one would sell you just the Probe Bracket and let you install it yourself. Continue Reading

Statim 2000 Autoclave Cycle Fault 8 – How Gus Saved $3000.00!

Autoclave Repair Case Study 3485 (Taken From Our Email Files) With his Statim 2000 Autoclave, giving him “Cycle Fault 8” Gus was in a quandary. Even though we did not know it until the Continue Reading

Autoclave Repair: 3 Signs You Are About To Be Ripped Off

Autoclave Repair: If your autoclave is giving you problems, and you are going to call someone, you need to be aware of the 3 signs you are about to be taken advantage of…….before you make the Continue Reading

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