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Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair – Top 4 Problems & Fixes For Error Code C983

Pressure Leaks & Error Code C983 Pressure Leaks are the most common cause of the error code C983 on newer model Midmark M11 autoclaves (M11-020 thru -022 with Serial # prefixes RS, RT, RV & Continue Reading

Midmark M11 Error Code E001

Just received an email with a Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair question. I get so excited when someone asks for our help. It gives me the opportunity to work with someone new, and allows me the Continue Reading

Midmark M9 Autoclave Repair – Water level Sensor

Midmark M9 Autoclave Repair Question Question From Gary: "I have a Midmark M-9, the unit fills with water but still says water needed. If you open the door the water of course pours out. Continue Reading

Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair – Why Is Water Filling The Chamber When The Unit Is Turned Off?

Here is an email we received this morning from a client who is having a problem with his Midmark M11 Autoclave. "I installed a refurbished PC board from in my Midmark M11 Continue Reading

Midmark M11 Autoclave Door Won’t Open For The Drying Cycle

Scot has a Midmark M11 Autoclave with a peculiar problem. He was puzzled and turned to us for help. Here is what was happening. Scot’s Problem: Door Don’t Open As Normal For The Drying Continue Reading

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