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After entering the Autoclave Repair business, I started receiving calls from everywhere. People were fed up with being taken advantage of by the Autoclave Repair system and looking for an alternative .

So, after the many requests for help, considerable research and much soul searching……I came to the conclusion the best way I could help the most people, while still helping myself, was to show everyone how they could do their own autoclave repair

Even though most offered to pay for my advice, I decided to offer it for free.

And in return, I would simply ask those we help to get the parts they need for their autoclave repair and maintenance from us

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

So I founded “Autoclave Repair Made Simple”

By giving expert autoclave repair support freely, and offering Guaranteed Quality Autoclave Repair Parts at competitive prices, it has truly turned out to be a win-win situation for all of us.

To date, we have helped thousands of people, just like you, repair their own autoclave, and we are just getting started!



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5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. John Mamoun says:

    Hi, I have a Tutnauer EZ-9 autoclave that is giving high temperature fail messages. Is there a part I can order to fix it, or in general what can be causing this error?

    –John Mamoun, DMD

  2. Wally admin says:

    Hi Dr Mamoun

    HIGH TEMP – This message is displayed, the Cycle Fail indicator lights and the cycle
    is aborted if the temperature rises 9 0F (5 0C) above the required
    sterilization temperature during the Sterilization phase of the
    This message will also be displayed if the Temperature Sensor is
    damaged. In this case the message will appear just before the Heat
    phase starts
    Possible causes for this message are:
    a. The Heating Elements are remaining on instead of cycling on
    and off.
    Check for a shorted Solid State Relay, shorted Heating
    Element or other short circuit
    b. This message can ALSO indicate a bad Temperature Sensor— the message will display any time during the Heat Up

    Replacing these parts is something you can do

    As above, please let me know when the fail messages are appearing

  3. john mamoun says:

    Thanks! The autoclave works perfectly! I was also wondering what you recommend as a fast-turnaround time autoclave, such as one just for handpieces.

  4. Kat Small says:

    Hi, I have an M9 Midmark Autoclave. It recently stopped working, and is not heating properly. We took off the bottom plate, and the brown wire to the heating element is burned at the connection to the heating element, to the point of being detached. Can a bad heating element cause this wire to over heat and then burn? We plan to replace the heating element, and both wires to the heating element. Is it at all possible for the autoclave to run without water, and overheat?

    Kathy Small, DVM

  5. Wally Wally says:

    Hi Kathy

    It is most likely the heating element, but you can test it easy enough

    Simply Click here, scroll down the page and follow the instructions.

    After following the test for resistance as instructed, you can also check for a direct short by setting your ohm meter to the continuity setting (if you need help with this let me know).

    Touch 1 probe from the meter to the terminal on the heating element and the other probe to the side of the chamber….if your meter shows it is continuous, then your heating element has a direct short in it.

    You will also want to replace the heating element wiring harness (click here)

    If the heating element tests good, let me know and we can move onto the next step

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