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Statim Error: Check Cassette 1

Statim 2000 Error Code: “CHECK CASSETTE #1”

Note: "Check Cassette" Error Codes were used on the early model Statim Autoclaves, and when your error number is prefaced with "Check Cassette" it means you have an older model.

The newer Statim Autoclaves use "Cycle Fault" Error Codes. While the numerical sequence means the same for some faults, there are deviations. So you need to make sure your Error is Check Cassette 1 before proceeding.

If your error says, "Cycle Fault 1", then you are in the wrong place. We will be posting the "Cycle Fault" errors in the near future. In the meantime, you can contact us to find out what you need to know

What Caused the Error Message "Check Cassette #1"

This error is generated when the cassette temperature failed to reach 95°C in three minutes. This means the boiler is not heating up – Generally caused by no power to the boiler

What do you do when this happens?

In most cases, the Thermal Fuse has blown. The thermal fuse is located under the boiler. The fuse is contained inside the wire insulation, so it looks like a wire…and not a normal fuse.

Statim 2000 Thermal Fuse

Simply test it for continuity. To check the thermal fuse for continuity, disconnect the fuse assembly from the main PC board by removing the wire at the J1-3 pin location.

Then measure the resistance of the thermal fuse assembly. An “open” reading signifies the fuse is bad and must be replaced. Be sure to reconnect the wire on the main PC board pin # J1-3

If the Thermal Fuse is good, then you will need to proceed with the next steps you find by Clicking Here

Note: Like any other fuse, you should always have a spare on hand. It is advisable that you order 2.

Here’s the thing…..In the event you have not located the cause for the original fuse to blow in the first place, you could blow the new one as well. So, if you only order 1 and it blows, then you will have order another one and pay shipping again, as well as suffer an even longer downtime.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid damaging the new thermal fuse assembly try to identify the cause of the failure. There are a number of causes for thermal fuse failure. This could be caused by a weak water pump, steam leaks, faulty thermocouple, and or malfunctioning steam generator (also known as the boiler) (which may require cleaning or calibration).

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