Autoclave Repair Tips

Autoclave Repair Made Simple

Tuttnauer – Cleaning The Air Jet

The Tuttnauer Air Jet Is Located In The Water Reservoir.

A dirty air jet is the number one cause of failed spore tests on the Tuttnauer Autoclaves

The elimination of air from the sterilization chamber during heat up is critical to the proper operation of the Tuttnauer autoclave.

Failure of the air removal system will be responsible for incomplete sterilization, indicator strips that do not turn, failed spore tests and aborted sterilization cycles.

A clogged air jet will result in receiving the error message “Low Heat”.

The Tuttnauer Air Jet consists of a small orifice with a clean out wire inserted in it (wire is permanently installed and will not come out).

It is required that the Tuttnauer air jet be cleaned once per week or more often if necessary, to remove any accumulated dirt and debris.

It is preferred to clean the Tuttnauer air jet when the unit is running a cycle and under pressure. Any loosened debris will be blown away, however, it can be done while the unit is idle.

1. Remove the water reservoir cover.
2. Clean the hole of the jet by manipulating the air trap wire back and forth
10 times.

“Autoclave Repair Made Simple”

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