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Why Pouches remain wet after drying on the Statim 2000 Autoclave

First, it should be noted, handling the pouches when they are wet will compromise the sterility of the instruments being sterilized (the pouches are
permeable and will allow bacteria from your hands to wick through to the instruments)

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There are several possible causes for the pouches being wet after going through the drying cycle on the Statim 2000 Autoclaves

  1. The air filter(s) are dirty. The compressor air filter is located under the round metal plate on the back of the autoclave. There is a screw in the middle of the
    plate holding it in place. Using a phillips screwdriver, remove the screw, and then the plate. The filter is made of foam and is shaped like a donut.
    Remove the filter. If the filter is dirty, replace it.
    • Scican (Statim) recommends the filter be replaced every three months

    Newer units also have a Biological Filter. Like the Air Compressor Filter, if it gets dirty, it can impede the air flow and restrict drying. It too should be
    replaced on a regular basis

    • Ensure that cassette is clean and has been treated with Stat Dri™ or Sci-Dry™ (offered by AllClaveParts)
    • The Biological Filter should be replaced every 6 months or 500 cycles, whichever comes first

    Statim 2000 Air Compressor & Biological Filters Picture

  2. The Drain Tube is Restricted. The Drain Tube must run directly to condenser bottle with no dips, loops or kinks.
  3. Pouches are stacked. Pouches should be only 1 level deep. Do not stack them. The air must be able to circulate around the pouches freely
  4. Wire Rack is lying flat. Make sure the wire mesh rack inside the cassette is inverted. This provides a space below the wraps for the air to flow and dry the bottom side of the pouches
  5. Autoclave is not level. Check the Bubble Level on the Statim cabinet. Set the bubble to the 4:00 or 5:00 position by turning the front leveling legs
  6. Airflow is restricted. Check for airflow through the autoclave. While the Statim 2000 is running in the drying cycle remove the exhaust tubing from the top of the waste bottle
    (be careful tubing may be hot). Place tubing into a cup of water, vigorous bubbles should appear in the cup of water. If bubbles do not appear, check
    airflow from compressor to waste bottle.
  7. Air Compressor Is Not turning On. Make sure the compressor is running during the drying cycle. You should be able to hear it running and you can also feel it running by placing
    your hand on top of the cabinet (in line with the air compressor filters)

Statim 2000 Plumbing Diagram

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