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Tuttnauer 2540M Safety Valve

What You Should Know About The Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave Safety Valve

Tuttnauer 2540M Safety Valve

The Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave is fitted with a safety valve. The Valve is located inside the water reservoir in the same block as the Air Jet Valve (Safety Valve Holder Kit).

As its name implies, it is a safety device.

If, during the operation of the autoclave, pressure builds inside the chamber to where it exceeds the rating of the Safety Valve, it is designed so the valve will open and allows the pressure to be released into the water reservoir.

Here Is How The Tuttnauer 2540M Safety Valve Works

The Valve is in a “Normally Closed” state. This means that the valve is closed and nothing passes through it. The main components in the valve are the Spring & the Stainless Steel Ball.

Of these two, the spring is the key component. The tension of the spring on a 37psi rated valve, means it takes 37 pounds per squre inch of presssure to make the spring to move.

When the pressure reaches or exceeds that rating, the spring is compressed and allows the core of the body to move inward.

In the normally closed state, when you look into the holes around the base of the valve, you can see the core inside the holes (the holes are sealed). As the pressure builds and begins to exceed the valves rating, the spring compresses, and the holes open up (this is known as “cracking”) and allows steam to pass through relieving the pressure

Troubleshooting The Tuttnauer 2540M Safety Valve

Over time, the spring inside the valve can weaken and allow the valve to open at less than its rating. And this is a problem that must be corrected for the proper operation of your autoclave as well as your safety.

Any time you see steam escaping from these holes, the Safety Valve is defective an your instruments are not being sterilized

Warning: Do not attempt to repair it, or to force the valve closed. Do not “plug” the hole where the safety valve screws into the block. REPLACE IT! It is inexpensive and doing anything other than replacing it is very dangerouse….and foolish!

There are 2 replacement Safety Valves used on the Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave. Click Here to see them. One is rated at 37psi and the other is rated at 40psi. Again, the psi rating represents what is called “Cracking Pressure” as referenced above and indicates how much pressure is required for the valve to “Crack” open and allow the pressure to pass through

They are identical in appearance. The only way to know for sure which Safety Valve your Autoclave has is to read the number etched on the valve itself and then replace it with one of the same rating.

How To Replace The Safety Valve on the Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave

The only tool you will need to replace the valve is a wrench. Place the wrench on the “flats” of the valve and turn it counterclockwise. Remove the valve and screw in the new one

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