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Everything You Ever Need To Know About The Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave Fill Line Filter

The Fill Line Filter is an important part on the Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave. And the more you know about it, the better. It is an inexpensive and easy to change part.

In Line Chamber Filter for The OCR Autoclave

Why You Need To Change The Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave Fill Line Filter

The Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave has only 1 filter in it. And it is called a “Fill Line (Chamber) Filter.” The filter is designed to catch & trap debris. This debris if not filtered will damage the valves on the autoclave

Where Is The Fill Line Filter Anyway?

The Fill Line Filter is located in the rear of the inside of the chamber.

In order to access the Fill Line Filter, you need to remove the Tray Rest & Support Assembly (This is the base that has the “Fill Line” on it and that you set the other tray(s) on) from inside the autoclave chamber. It is usually held in place with one screw

Remove the screw and lift the tray out and set it aside

After removing the Tray Rest & Support Assembly, you will see the Fill Line (Chamber) Filter sitting on the floor of the autoclave chamber. The Filter is on the end of a tube that is connected to the rear of the chamber wall

How To Replace The Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave Fill Line Filter

The easiest way to remove the Fill Line Chamber Filter is to pull the tube out from where it enters the chamber wall. Then after you have removed the assembly, you can remove the filter.

Remove the filter from the tube by turning it counterclockwise while you hold the tube in place.

Note: The wall of the metal tube is very thin and breaks easily. Make sure you can separate the tube from the filter before ordering a replacement. If the tube breaks, you will want to order the Pelton Crane OCR Tube & Filter Kit instead of just the filter

OCR Filter & Tube Kit

After you have separated the filter from the tube, simply put the new one on. Install the filter by turning it clockwise onto the tube while you hold the tube.

Once the assembly is together, simply push the tube back into the hole it originally came out of. Turn it so the filter is lying flat on the chamber floor. Failure to do so will mean water will be left standing in the chamber after the end of the vent cycle.

Can You Just Clean The Filter On The OCR Autoclave Instead Of Replacing It?

Well, yes you can. You can throw it into the ultrasonic cleaner and it will clean the surface and turn it from black to bronze color again. This will make you think it is clean & functional, but in reality, the inside of the filter is not clean

Here’s the thing: The Pelton Crane OCR Fill Line filter is designed to “trap” particles as small as 120 microns (0.004724409448824 inches).

The key word here is “trapped.”

Although the filter will look like new, in reality it still has about 80% – 90% of the debris still lodged in it. And continuing to run it in this condition will allow some particles to loosen and become lodged in the valves.

How Do You Know When The Filter Needs To Be Replaced On Your Pelton Crane OCR Autoclave?

The filter should be replaced at least annually as part of your annual Preventative Maintenance Routine on your Pelton Crane OCR autoclave.

The most common symptom of a clogged filter is it takes a very long time for the water to reach the fill line on the tab of the Tray Support & Rest Assembly. If your unit is taking a long time to fill, you can confirm that the filter is clogged and creating the problem by simply removing the filter and go through the Fill Cycle again

If it fills at its normal pace, then you know the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced

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