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Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave Basic Electrical Circuit Inspection

Use this handy Basic Circuit Inspection Guide When troubleshooting problems with the Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave

SERVICE TIP: When working on the electrical system, follow all safety requirements

Now Let’s walk through the……… Basic Electrical Circuit Inspection

1. Disconnect power to unit.
2. Set sterilizer controls to the following settings:

• Circuit Breaker = ON
• Power Switch = ON
• Sterilizer Door = CLOSED
• Timer = Set for more than 10 minutes
• Temperature Controller = Set at 250º or higher

3. Set a multi-meter to ohm scale, then connect the line and neutral terminals of the power module.
4. Rotate the Multi-Purpose Valve to each setting; starting and ending at O, and observe the meter for the following:

• On the 2540M Autoclave, In the STE and EXH+DRY position, the meter should read the following circuit values ( ±10% (to be read as plus or minus 10%))

For the 120 volt ac Model in the STE position: 13.0 amps & 9.0 ohms (resistance) and in the EXH+ Dry Positions 3.2 amps & 38 ohms (resistance)

And For The 230 volt ac Model in the STE position: 6.5 amps, 35.0 ohms (resistance) and in the EXH+Dry position 1.6 amps & 140 ohms (resistance)

If the meter reads a much higher resistance than shown above, it is an indication of an open circuit. If the reading is significantly lower than shown in above, it is an indication of a short circuit or heater burnout.

• In the O and FILL positions, the meter should read a very high resistance – which indicates an open circuit.

Also, do a visual inspection of the wiring itself. Gently tug on each wire in both directions to look for broken or loose wires. Also look for burn marks or charring.

Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave Electrical Circuit

Click On Diagram For Larger Image

This Tuttnauer 2540M Basic Circuit Inspection Guide is Brought to You by “Autoclave Repair Made Simple”

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