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How To Find & Fix Tuttnauer Autoclave Leaks Around The Door

Tuttnauer Leaking Around The Door

Is It The Door Gasket (Seal) Or The Door Bellows?

How To Isolate Leaks & Take Corrective Action on The Tuttnauer M, MK, and Valueclave Sterilizers.

If your Tuttnauer Autoclave is Leaking around the door, you will not be able to reach or maintain the proper temperature or pressure.

If not corrected, continued use of the Tuttnauer Autoclave in this condition puts additional stress on other components, and can lead to a host of other problems.

Worse yet, Sterilization Will Not Take Place

You can quickly determine if the problem is a faulty Door Gasket or the Door Bellows is a simple and straightforward procedure. This is something you can do on your own, No Autoclave Technician Needed.

Start by visually checking the Chamber Door Gasket for any steam leaks, hissing, or water bubbles at the Door Bellows.

If steam is leaking at the Tuttnauer door closing device, then rotate the Door Gasket 180° to see if the leak follows it.

If the leak follows the Door Gasket, then replace the Gasket. If the leak does not follow the Door Gasket, then replace the Door Bellows.

Tuttnauer recommends the Door Gasket be replaced every 12 months. When was the last time you replaced your Door Gasket?

Replacing the Door Bellows at the same time as the Door Gasket is considered to be a Tuttnauer Preventative Maintenance Routine Best Practice

Properly maintaining your Tuttnauer Autoclave can lead to many years of trouble free service and significantly increase its lifespan

“Tuttnauer Autoclave Repair Made Simple”

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