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How To Fix Your Midmark M7 Autoclave When It Is Shutting Down To Soon

Your Midmark M7 Autoclave heats up to somewhere over 200 degrees F and suddenly the heat & pressure drops – and the autoclave shuts itself down.

Sometimes you can restart it immediately & sometimes you have to wait for it to cool down.

This is a very common problem with the Midmark M7 Autoclave.

What’s’ the problem?

The most common cause is the vent valve is stuck, allowing water to return to the reservoir during the sterilize cycle.

As the water is returned to the reservoir; the chamber runs dry, the safety switches are activated and your Midmark M7 Autoclave shuts it’s self down automatically.

Pressure cannot occur in your Midmark M7 autoclave because, with the vent valve stuck open, the chamber is not sealed.

To confirm the vent valve is the source of the problem, listen for “gurgling” sounds coming from the reservoir during the sterilization cycle.

Also, when you open the door on your Midmark M7 autoclave, you will find a mostly dry chamber, even though the autoclave shut itself down prior to the vent cycle.

There can be times you are met with a wall of water when you open the door, instead of a dry chamber. This means water is being allowed to flow in both directions, not a good thing.

Either way, you must repair the valve.

The good news is, you do not have to replace the entire valve. There are rebuild kits available for the Midmark M7 Autoclave, which are very inexpensive.

The procedures to repair your Midmark M7 autoclave require no special tools and is something you can do.

As a temporary fix, you can try removing the vent valve and cleaning the port, the stem and the o-rings to remove any debris. This may allow your Midmark M7 Autoclave to function until you get the vent valve rebuild kit and perform the repair

“Autoclave Repair Made Simple”

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