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Is Your Autoclave Temperature Gauge Telling You The Truth?

If It’s Not Telling You The Truth, It Could Be Putting You At Risk

Can autoclave temperature gauges tell a lie?  More importantly, is your gauge lying to you? 

The truth is, autoclave temperature gauges do wear out and lose calibration .  It can happen all at once or over a period of time.

And not knowing about it puts you, your staff, your patients and even your autoclave at risk. 

  • If the autoclave temperature is lower than what the temperature gauge is telling you, sterility can still take place, but only if you increase the exposure time in the “sterilize” cycle.
  • On the other hand, if the autoclave temperature is higher, it could be putting extra stress where it doesn’t belong on the autoclave and cause it to breakdown sooner.

So, how do you know if your autoclave temperature gauge is lying to you? 

How To Learn The Truth About Your
Autoclave Temperature Gauge

Use the same tool we use! 

We use the Maximum Registering Thermometer manufactured by The Kessler Thermometer Corp.  Simply shake it like you would a fever thermometer, place it inside the chamber on the tray and run a cycle.

And when you take it out, it will tell you the highest temperature reached during the cycle.  You will then  know whether you need to turn the autoclave temperature up or down to keep you, your patients, and your staff safe

And That’s Not All

This same Maximum Register Thermometer is also a diagnostic tool used by autoclave  technicians world-wide.

It can also help you discover a heat related problem  before it causes the autoclave to fail

Protect Yourself & Others

And Your Autoclave

We recommend you make testing your autoclave temperature a part of your regular maintenance program.
Measure the autoclave temperature monthly and compare it to the reading on your autoclave temperature gauge.  Note any discrepancy, make any changes needed and keep your autoclave sterilizing at its peak level.  

“Autoclave Repair Made Simple

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